Jan 22, 2011

myvi oh cik vivi...

hahaha...lawak sungguh cik wawa coz pening memikirkan keta ape yg nak d'beli...
last2 keta myvi gak yg die pilih...tapi bkn standard ok..xmen ar standard2 nie...bkn dak keta nmenye tue...
aku akn pstikn time tue hbs2an ak modifiedkn jd ratu d'jln raya..wow..!
nantikan kemunculan cik vivi wawa...

Jan 17, 2011

kebangkitan "the blues"

Carlo Ancelotti purports to be confident about the future. ‘I didn’t have a doubt about my job before this game, because the club and the players have been very close to me,’ he claimed.
‘So you could have written that my job was safe even before this game.’ And that may be an entirely sensible line to take for public consumption.
But in reality, having raised the prospect of dropping Didier Drogba and Michael Essien for the match then relenting and choosing to play them, and with owner Roman Abramovich due in London this week, a victory was the very least he required. Yet for almost an hour Ancelotti could not be sure it was coming.
Cloes contact: Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is challenged by Michel Salgado of Blackburn
Cloes contact: Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is challenged by Michel Salgado of Blackburn

True, Chelsea started at a blistering pace, with Ramires skewing a shot against the bar after two minutes and Ashley Cole rampaging down the left, creating three chances in the opening six minutes alone.
But thereafter, they were laboured and insipid. In fact, they would have scared neither Manchester United nor Arsenal and certainly not Barcelona or Real Madrid. As for Bolton and Everton, their forthcoming opponents in the Premier League and the FA Cup, they, too, will not be terrorised by what was on offer.
For Chelsea are not yet out of their ‘bad moment’, as Ancelotti refers to it. ‘We are not at the same level we were at the start of the season, but we will come back to that level,’ insisted Ancelotti.
‘We don’t need much time to get back to that level. But the next game against Bolton will be very important because then, if we can win, we can say that moment has gone. It is a good test for us.
‘The last two games were at home and now we have to check our moment away, which will be more difficult. But I think scoring the seven goals against Ipswich last week in the FA Cup was important psychologically. Our moment is really better and we are playing better. We have more confidence now and I’m sure we will do better.
Woodwork woe: Nicolas Anelka is denied by the post after beating Robinson
Woodwork woe: Nicolas Anelka is denied by the post after beating Robinson

‘It isn’t easy to close the gap on the leaders but we have to believe we are able to do this. I don’t know if it’s possible, but because we won the title last year we want to do everything to be competitive until the end.’
It is a measure of how much things have changed in such a short space of time that a mediocre Blackburn side felt that they had a chance of winning at Stamford Bridge.

Their manager, Steve Kean, said: ‘We were confident as we’ve won three of the last four, so we felt we could get something from the game.’
Rovers’ best chance came from lively Canadian David Hoilett, 20, who cut inside John Terry and forced a tremendous save from Petr Cech on 35 minutes. ‘It was a world-class save from Cech,’ said Kean.
They might have had the advantage of an extra man had referee Martin Atkinson taken a sterner view of Florent Malouda’s two-footed challenge on Mame Biram Diouf on 49 minutes. A yellow card was produced but it could easily have been red, though Kean had no complaints. ‘I thought the yellow was fair,’ he said.
Blackburn held their own until the 57th minute when they failed to defend Malouda’s corner, allowing John Terry a flicked header which reached Branislav Ivanovic who, from three yards, dug out a shot which somehow managed to sneak past the attendant Ryan Nelsen, Michel Salgado and Paul Robinson.
Givet some welly: Chelsea's Florent Malouda (left) is beaten to the ball by Blackburn's Gael Givet
Givet some welly: Chelsea's Florent Malouda (left) is beaten to the ball by Blackburn's Gael Givet

Then, on 76 minutes and from another Malouda corner, Ivanovic climbed quite magnificently — though without sufficient challenge — and powered a header goalwards, which Nicolas Anelka flicked past Robinson, also from three yards out.
As for Essien and Drogba, Ancelotti has clearly indicated they are living on borrowed time by raising the prospect of dropping them. ‘It’s important for us that Josh McEachran is ready to play from the beginning and he can give more competition in the squad,’ said Ancelotti.
‘But we needed more size. I knew Blackburn could use the long ball and set-pieces and I wanted to have power in the box, which is why Essien and Drogba started the game.
‘They are some of the most important players not because they play every game — because sometimes they can stay out of the team, this doesn’t matter. But Didier was very close to his best today. He played a good game, didn’t score but played for the team and came back and also helped the midfield players.’
While neither is playing his best, both showed signs of the incision and power of which they are capable.
Indeed, the final 20 minutes saw a succession of chances — Terry’s flicked header, Drogba’s saved shot, Malouda’s long-range effort — that suggested Chelsea might be emerging from their dismal midwinter.
However, that came once victory was assured. When they can play like that from the start, then Ancelotti can be sure that his moment has passed.

Jan 16, 2011

duet oh duet...

harinie aku hepi sesangat coz aku dh jlnkan tgs aku tuk meyebarkan sesuatu yg unik & baik tuk org len terutama kwn2..
sudah tentu kebanggaan aku sekarang i2 transfactor...
ptg td aku ajk 2 org LG's & jiran2 dgr ape yg aku manfaatkan dlm hidup aku skrg...
bagaimana nak jana duit yg byk tnpa bkerja...?
aku nak wat bisnes tuk d'kongsikan bersama kwn2..aku nak sehat juga tuk d'kongsi bersama...
jadi xsalah aku nak tarik kwn2 join 4life..aku yakin aku & mereka2 sume nie boleh berjaya dgn sekelip mata..

aku sangat b'syukur sekarang aku dah dpt buka mata sendiri,kwn2 bertapa hebatnya network marketing nie..
tapi tuelah permulaan mmg sgt mcabar..mcm2 kena hadapi tapi 1 jek jgn sesekali give up...
oklah aku pon dh penat menaip..esok aku ade tugas tuk b'jumpa dgn org2 yg aku ingin bercerita ttg hbtnya 4life..gudluck cik wawa..!


part 1: 3 benda yang cik wawa kejarkan...

satio idaman hati...cz hp yg lame dAh uzur tahap cipan..gudbye xpress music...!

        kereta myvi SE yg akn d'modifiedkan..yg penting pink colour..my fav colour...superb d'jln raya...

pertunangan dgn si jejaka hati mr.HAZANI SUKRI

insyaALLAH sumenye yg aku kejarkan nie tuk part 1 akn aku miliki 2011..